The best trainers are those who have a lot of stories to tell.
John has worked with
hundreds of companies.

We offer three types of training.

For Executives


NEED: Fundamental Literacy

Leadership Perspective:
Understand the vision, concepts and value proposition so one is visibly acting in support of a change or activity.

For Managers


NEED: Be Literate Enough to Supervise

Management & Operation Perspective:
Ensure that the desired activity or change takes place from accountability and managerial view.

For Operational Staff


NEED: Be Able to Execute and Operate

Operation & Execution Perspective:
Ensure action takes place from the view of those responsible for execution; “feet on the ground”

Some of the most popular classes:

John Ladley understands the business of data.

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John Ladley understands the business of data.

Managing data continues to grow as a necessity for modern organizations. There are seemingly infinite opportunities for organic growth, reduction of costs, and creation of new products and services. It has become apparent that none of these opportunities can happen smoothly without data governance. The cost of exponential data growth and privacy / security concerns are becoming burdensome. Organizations will encounter unexpected consequences in new sources of risk. The solution to these challenges is also data governance; ensuring balance between risk and opportunity.

Data Governance, Second Edition, is for any executive, manager or data professional who needs to understand or implement a data governance program. It is required to ensure consistent, accurate and reliable data across their organization. This book offers an overview of why data governance is needed, how to design, initiate, and execute a program and how to keep the program sustainable. This valuable resource provides comprehensive guidance to beginning professionals, managers or analysts looking to improve their processes, and advanced students in Data Management and related courses. With the provided framework and case studies all professionals in the data governance field will gain key insights into launching successful and money-saving data governance program.