John Ladley has over 35 years of EIM experience in various capacities.

John Ladley is a highly experienced advisor and advocate for organizations looking for sustainable value from information and data. His experience and knowledge is balanced between treating data as an essential component of modern business and economies, and the practical solution of business problems.

John’s books are the authoritative sources for Data and Information Management and Data Governance. He is a recognized authority and speaker on enterprise information management; including data monetization, information and data architectures, data governance, MDM, data quality, BI and Analytics, data warehouse and knowledge management. John has extensive experience across many industries and is currently examining the role of the Chief Data Officer and assisting several organizations with data strategies and data governance.

And yes, that really is John flying the plane in the headers of this website.

John Ladley understands the business of data.

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John Ladley understands the business of data.

Managing data continues to grow as a necessity for modern organizations. There are seemingly infinite opportunities for organic growth, reduction of costs, and creation of new products and services. It has become apparent that none of these opportunities can happen smoothly without data governance. The cost of exponential data growth and privacy / security concerns are becoming burdensome. Organizations will encounter unexpected consequences in new sources of risk. The solution to these challenges is also data governance; ensuring balance between risk and opportunity.

Data Governance, Second Edition, is for any executive, manager or data professional who needs to understand or implement a data governance program. It is required to ensure consistent, accurate and reliable data across their organization. This book offers an overview of why data governance is needed, how to design, initiate, and execute a program and how to keep the program sustainable. This valuable resource provides comprehensive guidance to beginning professionals, managers or analysts looking to improve their processes, and advanced students in Data Management and related courses. With the provided framework and case studies all professionals in the data governance field will gain key insights into launching successful and money-saving data governance program.


Hot ITem

Hot ITem – Fact Based Improvement

Hot ITem believes in flexible organisations that stay ahead of the competition through the ability to adapt quickly to new developments. Everything Hot ITem does is aimed at distinctively improving the performance of people, departments and organisations. They do this together with their clients, on the basis of high quality data and insight into the critical business issues. Hot ITem was launched in 1998 and since then has grown to become an organisation of almost 250 enthusiastic and passionate business consultants, business intelligence specialists, change managers and continuous improvement specialists.

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First San Francisco Partners

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